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packs are on of the most popular methods of customization. Most mainstream third party launchers support them and they provide a cheap and unique way to customize your device. Plus, there are literally hundreds upon hundreds to from. When we first thought about doing this list, we thought about doing individual icon packs. Unfortunately (or perhaps, fortunately), there simply too many good ones out there. We decided instead to list developers of icon packs rather than individual icon packs. This isn’t like most genres where you get ten or 15 good ones and then the quality dips significantly, there are good icon packs all over the place. Thus, we encourage readers to drop their icon packs in the comments and keep the list going. Here are the best icon packs for ! There are some good one-offs as well, including Spendid and Delta.

Benas Dzimidas

Price: Free / Varies (usually up to $2.99

Benas Dzimidas has a variety of good icon packs. Some of the more popular ones include Rondo, Voxel, Lai, Elta, and Lux. There are many others to choose from as well. Benas Dzimidas icon packs typically feature very clean and colorful designs with flat graphics and various icon shapes. Lux works outstanding with dark themes (great for OLED devices) while ones like Rondo work well to replace the stock Material Design style icons on something like a Pixel phone. Most of the icon packs are either free or require a small charge. We didn’t see anything that costs more than $2.99.

Benas Dzimidas  - Rondo screenshot Benas Dzimidas icon packs 840x472 - 10 best icon packs for Android (by developer)


Price: Usually $0.99-$1.99

GSeth is a popular developer on Google Play with dozens of icon packs. The designs are all over the place, but in a good way. There are unique packs like Ruggon and Diddly that break from the flat, Material Design, colorful norm. There are also some that fit that description while incorporating other elements as well. Viby is a favorite of ours for OLED screens while Vinty has a fun, retro look. It’s hard to nail down a particular style, but all of GSeth’s packs are good and also include some wallpaper options. They’re also fairly inexpensive.

- hqdefault - 10 best icon packs for Android (by developer)

Göktuğ ULAŞ

Price: Free / Usually around $0.99

Göktuğ ULAŞ is another developer with a bunch of icon packs. Most of Göktuğ’s work sticks to the established norm (flat style, round icons) with various bits of flair or additions to achieve a different sort of look. That includes the Graby, Mellow Dark, Rugos (our favorite), Olmo and Yomira. The most interesting looking one of the bunch is Flax. It features rectangular shapes that you don’t see very often. All of the packs feature thousands of icons, Muzei support, and more. They’re also fairly cheap.

Göktuğ ULAŞ  - Rugos icon pack screenshot Goktug Ulas 840x472 - 10 best icon packs for Android (by developer)

Indigo Madina

Price: Free / Usually up to $1.99

Indigo Madina has a few really decent icon packs. There isn’t much of a similarity between them and there are about half a dozen to choose from. Tabloid, Jono, and Furatto are very good packs for fans of square or rectangular icons. Spheroid isn’t over unique, but it’s a rock solid flat-style icon pack with round icons. Tigad is the most unique of the bunch with a decidedly retro style to it. None of the packs cost more than $1.99 and that’s cheap to us considering how many icons each pack has.

Indigo Madina  - Tabloid icon pack Indigo Madina 840x472 - 10 best icon packs for Android (by developer)


Price: Usually $0.99-$1.99

JustNewDesigns has more than half a dozen icon packs to choose from. They don’t stray too far from the norm. Most of them are square, squircle, or circle icons with bright colors, flat designs, and consistent theming. We definitely recommend Simplicon, Minimalist, and Minimal O for those types of icons from this developer. Recticons is good for those who like the longer rectangle icon design. Bolt has a good collection of decent circle icons as well. None of the packs cost more than $1.99.

JustNewDesigns  - Minimal O screenshot JustNewDesigns 840x472 - 10 best icon packs for Android (by developer)


Price: Up to $1.99 usually

Kovdev is one of the most popular developers for icon packs. These are truly some of the best icons you can find. Nox, Audax, Illus, Omne, Merus, Tersus, and Lumos feature extremely clean, colorful designs that should work for most themes. We recommend Dekk for darker themes and Domo has a unique two-tone style to it. There are over a dozen packs to choose from and, frankly, they’re all really good. They all cost $1.99 as well.

Kovdev  - Audax screenshot kovdev 840x472 - 10 best icon packs for Android (by developer)

Nate Wren Design

Price: Free / Usually around $1.99 each

Nate Wren Design is all over the place with their icon pack designs, but in a good way. There isn’t an established pattern to the designs. PipTec features small, Matrix green style icons while Glass has a semi-transparent style to it. Flight is a good pack for minimalists as is Lines. Rad Pack is a ridiculous 80’s design that you’ll either love or hate. We also like Murdered Out for dark themes and The Grid for Tron-inspired themes. Seriously, there’s a lot of off-the-wall stuff here and it’s all good stuff.

Nate Wren Design  - Rad Pack screenshot Nate Wren Designs 840x472 - 10 best icon packs for Android (by developer)


Price: Free / Varies

Randle is a newer icon pack developer with a few decent icon packs. They include Zwart, Whicons, and Golden Icons. Zwart is one of the cleanest all-black icons that we’ve seen. Whicons is the same way except they are white. These are excellent for minimal themes with simple icon needs. Golden Icons takes the same style and applies gold to it. Some have lamented the particular shade of gold, but most seem to like it just fine. The apps are free with in-app purchases that range from $2.00 to $10.00.

Randle  - Zwart screenshot Randle 840x472 - 10 best icon packs for Android (by developer)


Price: Usually around $1.99

Sikebo is a very competent icon pack developer with about a dozen icon packs to choose from. They range in style, but they all do a good job of feeling distinctly modern and retro at the same time. We especially like Retrorika’s and Anitmo’s retro color palette and flat design. Let It Be has a colorful and modern simplicity about it. Immaterial is excellent for darker themes while iJuk’s pencil-drawn style is probably the most unique of the bunch. Simpax has a nice, muted color palette if you’re into that as well. The icon packs generally go for about $1.99 each.

Sikebo  - Simpax screenshot Sikebo 840x472 - 10 best icon packs for Android (by developer)


Price: Usually around $0.99 each

Vertumus has dozens of icon packs for sale and they’re all pretty decent. Vertumus seems to jump from style to style, but has a focus on darker icons that look great for dark themes. We really like Neon Glow, Omoro, HD Dark, Durgon, and Umbra for darker themes. Elun is an excellent flat, modern, and colorful icon pack while Urmun and Velur put a little zest into the modern style. Cryten and Potem are excellent for lighter themes as well. Most of the icon packs cost around $0.99.

Vertumus  - Urman screenshot Vertumus 840x472 - 10 best icon packs for Android (by developer)

If we missed any great icon packs for Android, tell us about them in the comments! You can also click here to check out our latest Android app and game lists!

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