Swift are super handy. With associated values, they can be used in some quite interesting ways. Today we’ll check out a couple. These aren’t working examples, but might spark some ideas. Let’s take a look.

Enums with Extensions

Keeping colors in one place is a great way to ensure consistency in a project.

public enum Color : String {
  case Green = "28A860"
  case Blue = "3B87D6"

extension Color : UIColorConvertible {
  public func asColor() -> UIColor {
    return UIColor(hexString: rawValue)

This same technique is great for images too!

Enums with Closures

This one is a little crazy (but fun!). Imagine we had our own custom system for laying out views in our . We could not only describe that system perfectly with enums, we could even add a little more dynamic spice to the mix by making one of the associated values of our enum a closure. Neat!

public enum LayoutStrategy {
  case SizeToFit
  case Fixed(width: CGFloat, height: CGFloat)
  case Relative(closure: ((parentSize: CGSize) -> CGSize))

Enums can describe so many types of state and . Know of a cool use of them? Send it to and it might be featured here!

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