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Team ’s very own Stephen Shaw is also the creator of Splitting.js! Marie talks with Stephen about what Splitting.js is, what it’s for, how he got the word out about his project, and his advice for anyone thinking of putting together an open-source library.

Sponsor: Jetpack 9:59

Jetpack is a plugin that combines all sorts of powerful functionality into a single plugin. Here’s a handful of things it can do:

  • Secure and back up your .
  • Connect your social media accounts for easy publishing after posting.
  • Enable Markdown and editing enhancements.
  • Increase performance though CDN-hosted and responsive images and video.


  • 01:33 What is Splitting.js?
  • 06:14 It’s not just for text
  • 09:59 Sponsor: Jetpack
  • 12:21 Documenting your project
  • 18:00 How do you market your side ?
  • 24:36 Using CodePen prefill embeds
  • 27:31 Advice for anyone putting together a library

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