Weโ€™ve looked at allowing users to capture or images for use in our apps a couple times here. We learned about UIImagePickerController in Bite #83 and then ImagePicker in Bite #157.

Today weโ€™ve got a new contender in this space called Fusuma. Itโ€™s by Yuta Akizuki and aims to provide a very full-featured drop-in solution for this task. Letโ€™s try it.

Weโ€™ll start by presenting the main FusumaViewController:

let  = FusumaViewController()
fusuma.delegate = self

self.presentViewController(fusuma, animated: true, completion: nil)

Then later we conform to the FusumaDelegate protocol:

func fusumaImageSelected(image: UIImage) {
    imageView.image = image

Thereโ€™s also fusumaDismissedWithImage and fusumaCameraRollUnauthorized functions for handling those cases.

- 215 collecting photos with fusuma gif - #215: Collecting Photos with Fusuma ๐Ÿ“ธ – Little Bites of Cocoa

More info about Fusuma can be found at

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