All educational tech and science toys are created with the goal of getting interested in STEM, but they often approach it in vastly different ways. A large part of that is to accommodate children of different ages, because a toy that challenges a -year-old might be too challenging for a 7-year-old. For that reason, robotics toys tend to be made for older kids, but the new ActivePuzzle robot building system is easy enough for even young children to enjoy.

recently launched on Kickstarter, and has more than doubled its funding goal. It’s an electronics and robotics system that comes in a familiar jigsaw puzzle setup that children will be able to understand intuitively. There are a range of different blocks to work with, such as a battery block, a motor block for wheels, and a sensor block, and kids only need to snap them together to functional robots.

Kids also won’t need to do any complicated and frustrating programming — ActivePuzzle doesn’t even require a screen to use. The blocks themselves contain all of the logic necessary to operate, so children can simply snap them together like LEGO and start playing. But, because there is intrinsic logic involved, they’ll still be learning along the way.

The ActivePuzzle Kickstarter campaign will be running until March 28th, and through the campaign you can get a kit with 16 blocks for $98. Larger sets are also available. Rewards are expected to be delivered in June.

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