Client Overview

The Client is a Spare Part Manufacturing Company for Commercial Vehicles and Trucks, with a sizeable market share in the country. The Company earns a sizable sum of annual revenue amounting to $2 Billion but loses a fair share of its Revenue to claims made by Fraud claimants. In the past year, it faced losses totaling to $500 Million to pay out such fraudulent claimants.

Given this situation the Spare Part Manufacturing Company is looking for a analytics solution that will pull from the Datalog of the server to determine:

Which comes back with repeated complaints.
On which particular routes vehicles break down most number of times.


We developed a Big Data analytics platform using Golang , Python, and Hadoop to pull data from Terra Data. The Platform can produce Historical Analytics based on Historical Data, and at the same , it offers Predictive Analytics based on The Hadoop Data storage. The client has a Data volume turnover of 2PB annually.

This Data is in the form of Structured as well as Unstructured Data which is sourced from Sales, Marketing, Purchase, Claims paid/made, Dealers/ Information, GPS information and much more.

Our Analytics solution collects, stores and analyses data collected from this Terra Data by scheduling job to pull relevant data. The job scheduling lasts 15-18 hours.

Deciphering this massive amount of data and previous GPS information the platform can determine:p>

Historical Data Analytics

  • Clients who have made false claims
  • Reasons for breakdown of vehicles.
  • Which product reported most complains

Predictive Analytics

  • Which spare part or product will report most number of breakdowns
  • Which route will cause most breakdowns

The predictive/ Big Data Analytics platform thus provides the Client with crucial information. This prediction aids them in taking accurate actions to avoid fraudulent claims.

Technological Solution:

The cluster for creating this platform includes:

  • 13 Computers
  • 1 is a master node with 32GB RAM, Hard Disk 2GB, Octa-core Processor
  • 12 Data Nodes with 12 GB RAM and Quad Core Processors

Business Benefit

  • 937 Vendors were found to be False Claims
  • Total claims against poor quality have reduced by 50%, and profit margin has increased by $250 million
  • $ 250 Million was saved from being paid to false claimants
  • There was a Cost Saving of 50%

The Spare Part Manufacturing Company has benefited immensely from this solution.

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