We’ve seen quite a few drink dispensers here at Hackster, but few, if any, emulate an actual bartender as completely as this device by CamdenS5. It looks extremely professional with a mostly wooden exterior, and features not only the ability to several liquids together, but can also add mint and sugar to the drinks. Heck, it can even slice and muddle limes!

The is equipped with a moving platform to place the glass underneath different stations for the addition of solids and liquids. Inside there is a lot going on mechanically to handle all of the ingredients ingredients involved, such as a linear actuator for lime chopping, and augers (AKA screw conveyors) for mint and sugar dispensation. Beyond all that, the device even has a Peltier-based cooling chamber to keep juices or tonic water at just the right temperature.

It’s controlled by both an Arduino Uno and an Arduino Mega, and user interface is provided by a .1” tablet. The project is documented here, files for download if you’d like to build your own. If you just want to see the construction, there are quite a few pictures, and an interactive Fusion 360 model for you to zoom/pan/tilt to your heart’s content!

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