A laptop is such an obvious idea that they almost seemed like an inevitability. Pis are compact, power efficient, and relatively powerful, which makes them perfect for a platform. And yet, there is no official Pi laptop available. There are, however, a handful of companies making their own kits. Now, you have one more option thanks to LapPi.

LapPi is a modular, DIY laptop kit built around everyone’s single-board computer. The “modular” aspect is front and center, as it obviously favors hackability over a streamlined, sleek design. LapPi comes in 53; and 73; LCD versions, both of which are touch-enabled. Both have plastic clamshell cases that come in a variety of colors. They each also have a wireless touchpad keyboard — though in different sizes — that appears to be be detachable from the case.

A 3800mAh battery, a pair of speakers, and an official Raspberry Pi Camera Module round out the of the hardware. That’s all packed into the LapPi case with a lot of room to spare for additional add-ons. There is even a removable cover over the Raspberry Pi so you can attach a HAT for more functionality. Overall, LapPi looks like a good choice if you want to tinker with your Raspberry Pi on the go — though no one will mistake it for a traditional consumer laptop.

LapPi is currently on Kickstarter, and has already exceeded its funding goal. The campaign is running until November 10th, and the 5″ version is about $179 and the 7″ is $218 (without the Raspberry Pi itself). Rewards should ship in December.

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