- hotstuff lgg6 group lead 0 - Bye bye bezels: LG’s G6 is a super-sized smartphone surprise

This is LG we’re talking about, though: where’s the camera craziness?

OK, you got me – the follows in the G5’s footsteps with a twin camera setup. That means you get one lens for standard shooting, and a second for wide angle snaps. Both cams have 13MP sensors now, so you won’t lose any resolution when you make the switch. It’s got phase detect AF now, instead of a laser, so it should be a little quicker to focus, too.

The front-facing cam gets an upgrade to a 100° lens as well, which should mean you’ll be able to get your mates in the shot whenever you take a selfie.

Not bonkers enough for you yet? How about a 360° panorama mode that uses both front and back cameras at once, or putting your snaps onscreen using the extra space from that wacky aspect ratio screen?

Alright, no change on the bizzaro front then. What about software?

It’s running Android 7 Nougat, of course – what self-respecting 17 flagship phone wouldn’t be? LG’s made a few extra tweaks though, naturally. It’s called UX 6.0, and makes use of that extra screen real estate to squeeze more into every – including your favourite games and video apps.

Google assistant is on board (a first for a non-Google smartphone) and all the usual LG goodies show up too – double tap to wake, an always-on screen setting for notifications, the works.

Sounds like LG knocked it out of the park, then.

Yup, pretty much – but then the G5 wasn’t exactly an award , so it’s great to see LG doubling down on the kind of kit we actually want from our phones – not experimenting with modular madness. You’ll be able to get one soon, but there’s no word on a price or exact date just yet.

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