Feb. 16,

Bank executives are often asked what keeps them up at night. And it’s a sure bet that will always be near or at the of that list. 

“We all have extraordinary concern about improving our cybersecurity,” Patricia O’Donnell, senior vice president at Bank, said in the video taken at the 2017 Bank Customer Experience in Chicago. “The bank is looking to make sure that we have the highest level of protection that we can, relative to protection our information and that of our clients.”

O’Donnell goes into depth in the video with Tim Tang from Hughes about which areas of cybersecurity Key Bank has top of mind. They also discuss what the branch of the future will look like for Key Bank.

Registration for the 2018 Bank Customer Experience is now open. It will take place in Chicago, Sept. -14. The agenda is now , and we are seeking speakers for the event. 

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