Some of the topics covered in this course are:

  • Monotonic and non-monotonic logic

  • Default logic

  • Structural equation models

  • The logic of counterfactuals

  • The logic of probabalistic reasoning

  • Bayesian networks

  • Learning causal structure

We’ve only covered the first two topics so far, and I’m already lost. The professor has provided us with no textbook – just his slides. The slides aren’t working well for me. The professor also isn’t a native English speaker, which can make lectures a little confusing at times.

I learn best by well written material, viewing pictures and sample problems, and watching videos. I learn worst by listening to verbal lectures. I’ve taken courses on sentential logic and predicate logic, so I have the foundation for that covered. I have pretty much no background in computer science (which is fine for this class, as it assumes zero programming knowledge and doesn’t involve any coding), and my statistics background is also weak (it’s been two years since I took a statistics class).

Any suggestions for outside reading (or just any outside really) that deal with these topics would be very, very much appreciated! I feel myself falling behind and want to get on of this before things get any worse.

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