I have some experience in Ethereum-related and it was very easy to set up a with Ethereum that the main net, I just create a custom genesis block json config, then I can use it to set up half a dozen nodes to connect to a single bootnode, and voila I have a completely up and working private net which can perfectly mimic how the main net works where I can mine ether and send transactions and wait for them to be mined in around 15 seconds, which is perfect for development and testing.

However when it comes to it seems there’s no easy way to a private net in a closed environment? I have searched around and the best I can find is use the regtest mode to connect multiple nodes, but there seems to be no way to simulate the mining process, or do I really need to download the Bitcoin source and change some hardcoded settings and recompile my own version of (alt) bitcoin to just setup a private net?

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