Snapchat Redesign Downloads Hero Image  - snapchat redesign downloads hero - First-Time U.S. Snapchat Installs Increase 55% Following the App’s Redesign

Sensor Tower Store Intelligence data reveals that Snapchat saw a percent week-over-week in first-time U.S. app across the App Store and Google Play for the seven days following its recent . This growth comes despite a dramatic increase in the volume of negative ratings for the app, as well as headline-making social media backlash to the changes.

Post-Redesign Snapchat Downloads in the United States  - snapchat installs post redesign - First-Time U.S. Snapchat Installs Increase 55% Following the App’s Redesign

A the chart above illustrates, new installs of the app increased a minimum of 1 percent over the same day a week earlier on Saturday, February 10, and as much as 7 percent on Wednesday, February 7. Overall, first-time installs increased from approximately 589,000 for the period of January 30 through February 5 to about 911,000 for the period of February through February 12, a difference of 322,000 more installs.

Before the redesign went live, Snapchat had nearly dropped out of the U.S. iPhone top 10 for free , something that has only happened three times since 2014. Today, the app is ranked No. 5 overall.

Last summer, we looked at Snapchat’s declining new installs in the face of competition from Facebook’s Instagram, which turned up the heat on Snap’s creation by integrating most of its once-unique features. While this new surge in interest can be viewed as a net positive in that light, the verdict is out on whether these new users were drawn in by the promise of an easier-to-navigate app or simply a desire to see for themselves what this polarizing is all about.

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