The World’s Largest All-In-One Hardware Development Tool

Today we’re excited to announce Project , a hacker kit enhanced with a multi-screen display, artificial intelligence-driven interaction, unmatched wireless capabilities, secure over-the-air (OTA) updates, and compatibility with Arm, RISC-V, SPARK, and x86 architectures.

Bigger is better.

Project MagicDragon is a modular, fully open source, and brand agnostic system equipped with everything a developer needs to bring their connected projects to life. This industrial-enterprise, hacker-ready tool is set to disrupt the semiconductor, cloud, AI, and IoT industries in one. Boasting an incredibly large, H-shaped form factor, Project MagicDragon is compatible with all of today’s leading platforms — like Arduino, Raspberry Pi, BeagleBoard, Particle, and ESP, among others — and supports most wireless protocols Wi-Fi, BLE, 2G/3G, telepathy, LTE Cat-M1, Zigbee, Morse Code v1, LoRa, Sigfox, LAN, WAN, AOL dial-up and satellite VSAT communications.

“Our R&D team has been heads down for the past two years, dreaming and inventing the answer to the constantly shrinking and micronized hardware with a bigger and better solution that fits anywhere and anything right out of the .” — Ben Larralde, Hackster co-founder and head of R&D

The hardware is also designed to help accelerate deep learning development leveraging an integrated AI chip, while enhancing with a built-in crypto module for blockchain signaling.

Makers, fret not. Project MagicDragon packs an assortment of your favorite accessories, such as three LCD displays, 32 RGB LEDs, a LiPo charger, and plenty of prototyping space. We’ll even provide the files to 3D print your own shoebox-inspired enclosure to keep your new hardware safe and sound.

Cup for scale.

“Hackster has always been a proponent that bigger is better, and Project MagicDragon is just that. We’ve heard our community members’ demands loud and clear, and wanted to provide a full-fledged solution for developers seeking greater performance, machine learning functionality, widespread connectivity, and interoperability. Combined with the high degree of flexibility and scalability that our platform provides, our partners can push the boundaries of what will be possible across a broad range of devices. Best yet, we’re pricing Project MagicDragon at an entry level price of $19,999 — a no-brainer for emerging markets as well as STEM educators.” — Adam Benzion, Hackster co-founder

In terms of software, Project MagicDragon can be programmed via nearly every popular IDE and supports a wide range of services, such as AWS, Amazon Alexa, Microsoft Azure, Android Things, Facebook Open Privacy Console, Google Cloud IoT Core, IBM Watson, IFTTT, and Windows 2000 Millennium Edition, to name just a few.

“With a growing number of semiconductor companies launching powerful, feature-rich ‘kitchen sink’ boards, we’re giving our community an entire bathtub. After tinkering around with Project MagicDragon, developers will never seek another piece of hardware again.” — Artie Beavis, Hackster CMO

The Hackster team is hard at work with hopes of making Project MagicDragon available later this year. Pre-orders start and end on April 1st.

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