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By: Sarah Wheeler

14, March, 2019


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- Europe 2019 Industry 789x518 - Hear industry leaders explore the future of Industrial IoT in Europe – June 2019 in Amsterdam

The IoT Tech Expo Europe; will arrive in Amsterdam this June to host 500+ industry leaders exploring the future of enterprise technology with a two-day conference stream covering the future of industrial IoT. Speakers within this conference stream include senior representatives from Airbus, Pirelli, EY, Transdev, Siemens and Tata Steel. Europe’s leading IoT conference will return to the RAI Amsterdam on the 19-20 June and is set to welcome 10,000 attendees across the 4 co-located events comprising of IoT, AI, big data, cyber security, cloud and blockchain.

The two-day conference stream ‘Connected
’ will explore topics industry 4.0 & 5.0, connectivity solutions for industry, digital twin,
the future of manufacturing, AI and machine learning for industry, process automation,
security, cultural change and IoT in construction.

Meet some of the speakers who will be sharing their
knowledge and experiences during this two-day IIoT

Adrien Bécue, Head of Research & Innovation, Airbus
- airbus - Hear industry leaders explore the future of Industrial IoT in Europe – June 2019 in Amsterdam

Bécue joined Airbus DS Cybersecurity in 2013 as Research
& Technology Coordinator for France and launched several projects with a
focus on attack detection security of industrial control systems. In 2016 he
was promoted to Head of R&T and Innovation, taking over responsibility of
the whole R&T portfolio of Airbus DS Cybersecurity across the UK, France
and Germany. In he won the ITEA Award of Innovation for FUSE-IT Project
dealing with security and energy efficiency for buildings. He is also the
working-group leader for Industry and Transportation vertical markets at ECSO
(European Cyber-Security Organization) and a member of ENISA’s (European
Network & Information Security Agency) expert groups for security of Industry

Bécue will be sharing his wealth of knowledge in his session ‘Security of Industrial IoT and Application to Aerospace Manufacturing Sector’ within the Connected Industry conference on Wednesday 19 June.

Richard Allbert, Head of Digital Innovation, Pirelli
- PIRELLI - Hear industry leaders explore the future of Industrial IoT in Europe – June 2019 in Amsterdam

Alongside his career with Pirelli, Allbert has developed
software for many uses, including hardware interfaces, mobile games and
business applications, data science, and can program in a variety of languages.
Recently, he has worked at Pirelli HQ in Milan, initially responsible for
Manufacturing Quality, and then leading the team of Smart Manufacturing as part
of Pirelli’s digital transformation. He is now responsible for digital
Innovation at Pirelli Germany.

You can hear Allbert speaking within the Connected Industry conference on Wednesday 19 June about ‘The Cultural Change Needed in Industry’. Innovation is the key to progress, but it tends to be lacking in the digital age, why? This session will explore how we modernise technology but not organisations, and why a change is needed in how industries approach technology innovation and implementation. This talk will look at key places to start including empowering people, dangers of digital amnesia, value first not technology and our perception of change vs reality.

Miroslaw Ryba, EMEIA IoT Leader, EY
- EY - Hear industry leaders explore the future of Industrial IoT in Europe – June 2019 in Amsterdam

Miroslaw leads IoT advisory services for the EY EMEIA
region. He has led multiple projects focused on transforming business through
in EMEIA as well as Asia and North America, for both government
institutions and large heavy-industry enterprises. Since 2013, Miroslaw has
been a part of the EMEIA Advisory Center structures, where he is responsible
for defining and building the IoT services for EY, as well as for creating
digital solutions and the intellectual property that leverages the IoT
ecosystem. Miroslaw is a voting member of The International Society of
Automation (ISA) and one of co-authors of a leading international cyber
security industrial standards.

Miroslaw will be discussing the ‘Industrial Internet of Things – The Now and the Future’ on Wednesday 19 June within the Connected Industry conference. He will explore topics such as prescriptive analytics, operational intelligence, adopting machine learning and AI and how these areas will impact IIoT. The session will also look at the benefits and dangers of using IoT devices, predictive platforms and devices and -life examples from across the Industrial IoT.

Yehuda Hofri, CTO | CDO, Transdev
- TRANSDEV - Hear industry leaders explore the future of Industrial IoT in Europe – June 2019 in Amsterdam

As Chief Digital Officer at Transdev, Hofri’s focus is on driving
a data driven digital transformation process of Transdev’s $1+ billion mobility
enterprise for consumer, enterprise, and government clients. As the NL board of
directors’ technology leader, his role involves strategizing, steering and
strengthening their data, cloud, technology and product innovation processes to
surpass best practices and growth expectations.

The future of machine learning for industry is here, with the application of Artificial Intelligence, data centres and big data allowing for optimisation of processes and solutions. Hofri will be discussing this in detail within his speaking session at the Connected Industry conference; ‘The role of Artificial Intelligence and Data in Machine Learning for Industry’. This session will look at the impact of this on industries, including understanding the data and making the most of predictions, the impact of machine learning on economic performance and moving beyond just connecting things by connecting people, machines and platforms. From this, Hofri asks the important question; where should the responsibility behind AI lie?

Mirko Wutkewicz, Head of Digital Accelerator, Siemens
- SIEMENS - Hear industry leaders explore the future of Industrial IoT in Europe – June 2019 in Amsterdam

As head of Siemens Process Solutions’ digital accelerator
initiative, Wutkewicz is responsible for speeding the company’s digital
offerings for oil and gas and other industries. With a background in process
, automation and strategy development, he joined Siemens’ automation
unit for power plants in 1997. He served in various business development roles
at the corporate level, including leading the strategy department for Siemens
oil and gas solutions unit in Houston, before assuming his current position.

Wutkewicz’s session will be around industry 4.0 and the unstoppable rise of automation, and how that is redefining manufacturing processes once and for all. Manufacturers are presented with the challenge of updating and digitising their systems as a means of future-proofing their businesses and staying ahead of the industry curve. This talk on Thursday 20 June will look at how process automation allows for real overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) information and how this data can be utilised for competitive advantage.

Erkan Goenee and Matthijs Machielsen, Digital Innovation
Leads, Tata Steel Europe

Tata Steel is one of Europe’s leading steel producers, with steelmaking in the UK and Netherlands, and manufacturing plants across Europe. Goenee and Machielsen, both digital innovation leads will be sharing their knowledge and experiences at the IoT Tech Expo Europe within their session ‘The Future of Manufacturing – 2019 and Beyond’. Taking place on Thursday 20 June, the session will discuss the shift in manufacturing from a product focus to being outcome orientated and how this leads to an end-user focused result. They will also examine new factory concepts enabled by the ‘Industrial Internet’, utilising smart buildings and smart machinery. What is the future of the workforce and how will digital labour in manufacturing transform the skills mix and the focus of tomorrow’s workforce?

You can view the conference agenda here.

Early bird rate ends Friday 5 April so you can save up to €450
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date. Free Expo Passes also available.  

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