Firstly, don27;t get the wrong that I217;m trying to reverse engineer or hack someone217;s for no reason.

I am an independent contractor for a delivery company. They released an update to their app that breaks my ability to log in to the app. This is incredibly for me as I need this functionality to pay my bills. I submitted a ticket to customer support but who knows how long it will take for them to fix the problem. I attempted to find the issue through logcat but I was not successful.

Essentially the problem is as follows: pressing the clock in button sometimes crashes the app but when it doesn’t I am prompted to accept the EULA. I dismiss this dialog and it brings up an activity that holds the EULA but the ScrollView doesn’t load. The scrollview position is being referenced in their code so that unless I scroll to the bottom I can’t clock in.

The app only prompts for EULA after each update so there must be an XML file somewhere that contains a tag like <hasAcceptedEULA> or something that I could the value of. Maybe I could use an android equivalent of CheatEngine or something that would let me the value of the Scrollview position. I don’t think that would work but I’m out of ideas here.

Thank you guys so much!

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