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I am one of those independent types who carry 3 or 4 different carts around in the back of my truck, to help me to move or carry stuff that I constantly and seemingly habitually find it necessary to move around. Whether it is speakers or a couple of large cases of water, I always do fine on flat surfaces. However, as soon as I encounter stairs or sidewalks my simple become quite difficult. Depending on the load, there are many occasions when extra manual labor is required to either try to pull the up or when that fails, I usually just take the packages off and carry them one at a time.

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Recently I came across the Deluxe All-Terrain Stair Climbing Folding Cart that seems to answer all my moving and carrying challenges. It is a three-wheeled type of cart that makes going up a curb or stairs much . And, despite its , it folds flat enough to take up not much more space than the average folding cart. It even handles uneven surfaces well, and with its capacity of up to 125lbs and solid tires, it should hold up well over time.

The UpCart Deluxe can be purchased on Amazon for $85.99.

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