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NEWS, automation hobbyists, or anyone who loves a good DIY challenge should take a look at the Touch Encoder by Grayhill, who recently celebrated 75 years of innovation. Grayhill products can be found in everything from custom projects to switches running through any modern jet cockpit and this new easy to program device can be used to control computers, audio, HVAC systems, thermostats, drones, or almost anything you can think of. The Touch Encoder features an intuitive dial with a 320X300 touch-screen, and an IP67 rating that makes it water and dust proof.

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But how do you program it? Well, there’s an iOS app for that with an Android version coming soon. The tablet-based development platform comes with a library of configurable standard widgets that include things like light dimmers, power controls, and more. Touch Encoder is available now at for $182 (Touch Encoder Only) and $526 (Touch Encoder with Software Development Kit).

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