Sample project that shows the issue:

I’m running into an issue with adding a protocol to an external dependency for . I’m receiving an Abort Trap 6 error when building my test target. Everything I’ve searched around this says that turning off optimization will solve it, but that hasn’t worked for me. Here’s my setup and what I’m trying to accomplish:

The external dependency is Realm. I’m trying to make a protocol that mimics the public interface of the main Realm object. This will let me write tests to ensure that my are calling the correct methods on the Realm object. Here’s what I’ve added:

RealmProtocol.swift: The protocol that mimics the Realm interface.

Realm.swift: An extension to add RealmProtocol adherence to the Realm object. The Realm object is as , adding the protocol as an extension seems to be my only option here. I can’t subclass the Realm object to add it that way. If I can get the Realm object to adhere to the RealmProtocol, I can pass it around as RealmProtocol everywhere in my app and pass in a MockRealm object in my tests.

MockRealm.swift: My mock Realm object. This is only used in the test target. It will let me set flags to check that the correct method is called at the correct .

What’s happening: Everything works fine until I add the Realm.swift extension. At that point, I get the abort trap 6 when attempting to build my tests. If I remove that, my tests build, but I can’t pass the Realm object around as RealmProtocol and I can’t swap it out for MockRealm in my tests.

I’m not sure if this is a circular dependency issue or something else. I have to import RealmSwift in all 3 of those files. Possibly the compiler not liking something there?

It also seems strange that I can add an extension to a final class. Is that intended? Seems like an way to sidestep final.

I’m about to file a Radar for this as well, but I’m not hopeful that it’ll go anywhere any time soon. Does anyone else have a thought on what could be causing this or how I can get past the warning? Currently my solution is to make a RealmWrapper object that simply passes calls into an actual Realm object, but that’s a shim where I don’t think there needs to be one.

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