(WBRE/WYOU-TV) More than a third of Americans have trouble getting a good night’s , and companies aren’t sleeping on the issue. NBC’s Liz McLaughlin goes over some of the new that to help consumers improve the quality and quantity of their


Tech companies are offering a slew of new to help consumers improve the quality and quantity of their sleep. 

SleepScore Labs launched a free that uses sonar to track sleeping habits by measuring breathing and body movement. The collects and analyzes to determine a sleep score.

“Based on your sleep score we have a good idea as to what issues with sleep you have, if any, and then we can connect you with the appropriate solutions,” said SleepScore CEO Colin Lawlor.

One simple solution: cutting out screen- before bed. But if you must have your vices, a variety of companies offer glasses that filter out a portion of harmful blue light, which is one of the biggest disruptors of a good night’s sleep.

Another common culprit: sleeping on your back. Philips launched a new Smart Sleep Snoring Relief Band that’s worn around the chest and gently vibrates to encourage side sleeping. 

If that doesn’t work, you can just cuddle up with a Somnox Sleep Robot, instead.

But if you don’t want to shell out cash for a fancy new gadget, your smart phone might be able to help. Both Apple and Google have these baked into their operating systems now. On the iPhone, there’s a Night Shift feature that removes blue light from sunset to sunrise, and the Bedtime feature can remind you to go to bed at a consistent time that you can set.

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