Oman-based Muscat has gone live with the latest version of TCS Financial Solutions’ TCS for its fund and investment operations.

- Oman flag - Oman’s Bank Muscat refreshes on TCS Bancs core system – FinTech Futures

This is an upgrade to the system’s earlier version and will provide capabilities for multiple asset classes such as funds, equities, fixed income and money markets.

TCS Financial has been a partner of Bank Muscat for the past 5 years, but says the bank went through a “long evaluation and selection process” before deciding to upgrade TCS Bancs.

Bank Muscat has assets of over $31 billion, a network of 149 branches, 630 ATMs and CDMs and more than 14,000 POS terminals. Its international operations consist of a branch each in Riyadh, Kuwait and a representative office in Dubai and Singapore.

It also owns Muscat Capital, a 100% subsidiary, which is a brokerage and investment banking in Saudi Arabia.

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