- Screen Shot 2018 02 28 at 9 - Pendo Systems Ships New Release of Pendo Machine Learning Platform

Data insight company Pendo Systems launched the latest release of the Pendo (PMLP) this .

The new iteration, 4, of PMLP balances improving productivity while keeping user requirements convenient. New features in this latest release are:

  • Improved machine learning toolset that accelerates time to implementation and solves complex processing challenges
  • Ability to create and train models against training data
  • New connectivity options with Content Management Interoperability Services support
  • New plugins that integrate with other systems to provide access to a range of machine learning algorithms

In the press release, Phillip Dodds, Pendo Systems CTO said that this release is a “significant step forward” for Pendo because it is designed with the business user in mind. “By enabling onsite training of models that are less IT-dependent means our clients can now use their own data to train Machine Learning algorithms in an agile and cost-effective way, irrespective of whether it is behind their own firewall or in a secure cloud environment,” Dodds added.

Pam Pecs Cytron, CEO at Pendo Systems, who described the release as a demonstration of the company’s “ruthless commitment” to product innovation, said that empowering the business user is an essential component of Pendo’s strategy.

Founded in 07, and with headquarters in New Jersey, Pendo converts unstructured data into AI- datasets and improves on natural language processing libraries by applying real-world, customer training data. With this approach, the company helps improve accuracy to over 95%. At FinovateAsia 12, the company debuted BasisPoint to offer multi-jurisdictional processing for capital markets firms. Earlier this month, the company announced its intention to target the insurance sector.

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