Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is an incredibly competitive game. Like it’s predecessors, the first-person shooter rewards lightning quick reflexes, thorough knowledge of the maps, and tactical thinking. Most importantly, however, successful CS:GO players need to be able to aim very quickly and accurately. For that reason, it’s not unusual for people to develop controller setups specifically for the game, and Dave did that using Wii Nunchuk controllers.

This isn’t actually a very effective way to play CS:GO, because the Nintendo Wii Nunchuk controllers were never developed with precise gameplay in mind. But, the unique hardware inside Nunchuks makes for an interesting project. Each Nunchuk controller has two buttons, a joystick, and a 3-axis accelerometer for motion controls. Dave decided not to utilize the accelerometer functionality, and instead paired two Nunchuks together to form a more conventional twin-stick controller.

To get that working with CS:GO running on a PC, he had to get the controllers talking to the computer. Luckily, he was already working on another project using Wii Nunchuks, and had already designed and some custom breakout boards for their connectors. Those breakout boards were then wired to a Teensy LC, which interprets the Nunchuk signals using Dave’s custom library and them sends them off to the computer by emulating a USB HID keyboard. This control setup might not give Dave the edge in a competitive match, but it would be a fun and unique way to play CS:GO.

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