- Screen Shot 2019 02 27 at 9 - Podcast: How technology will shape your energy bills – Stacey on IoT
NXP’s MCU-based solution for Amazon’s Alexa Voice Service. Image courtesy of NXP.

There were two big shows this week with Embedded world and Mobile World Congress. Thus, this week’s show focuses a lot on industrial and enterprise starting with a deep dive on ARM’s PSA certification announcement. We explain what it means and how it should improve IoT security for all before moving to news about new chips that bring Alexa to microcontrollers and to Wi-Fi access points. We also discuss a gesture-based interaction model for smart homes and explain why we’re getting excited about it for the home and office. From there we spent time on Alexa in hospitals as well as a bunch of small industrial and embedded news from Google, Microsoft, Wind River, SAP, and Qualcomm. This week’s IoT Hotline inquiry was about finding a chime for the Nest Hello doorbell.

Our guest this week is Beth Karlin, CEO and founder of the See Change Institute, a research institute aimed at solving environmental and social justice issues. Karlin came on the show to discuss how utilities view home devices. She discusses their goals in offering connected device rebate programs and talks about methods they might use to stabilize the grid when more of our devices are connected and have power. We also talk about the role the big guys could play in the sector.  Plus, she talks about the best device to buy if you want to money on costs.


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