You can connect just about anything to the Internet of Things, but doing so usually requires quite a bit of technical expertise. Most solutions are designed with engineers and computer science majors in mind. However, the new Fingoti Pebl was created to be as streamlined as possible, and looks more like a consumer product than a something in a tech geek’s parts bin.

The One just launched on Kickstarter, and the first thing you notice about it is the . The electronics are all housed within a , injection-molded case that looks like it was actually created with aesthetics in mind. The only indication that it’s even an electronic device is the row of pin headers on the bottom. That makes it look nice, and also helps protect it from water and the elements

But, the Pebl isn’t just a pretty face. It’s a complete IoT gateway that contains everything you need to control or monitor whatever you want. Those header pins on the bottom are current-protected, and can be used for standard GPIO or I2C control. Inside the case is a WiFi module, and multiple Pebl devices can talk to each other with mesh networking technology.

Communication between Pebl devices, and the outside world, can be completely encrypted, and there are a number of ways to connect them. You can use the Fingoti Portal or the Fingoti app, or use API requests, HTTP requests, port-forwarding, or peer-to-peer connections to setup something more custom. Each Pebl gets automatic software updates, so you don’t have to deal with cumbersome maintenance.

The Fingoti Pebl Kickstarter campaign is running until April 13th. Super early birds can get one Pebl for just £ (about $13 USD). Rewards are expected to be delivered in September.

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