We’re already rolling in good camping weather, but did you know June is officially Great Outdoors Month? Turns out that’s a thing. To celebrate before the holiday expires, let’s talk gear.

Most of us outdoor-types already have a tent and sleeping bag. That’s a given. But I think we could all use a fresh look at the lesser-known accessories that can make or break a trip.

I’m addicted to coffee. Trying to get through a morning without at least one cup is calamitous. Luckily, making coffee on camping trips has gotten a ton easier with a portable espresso maker. Unlike a percolator, you operate it by simply pumping it, so you won’t need a fire to get a cup. Even if you’re not a huge camper, this portable espresso maker can be a lifesaver. Bring it to the office for a tasty cup at your convenience.

This pocket blanket is a lifesaver, for everything from camping and backpacking to picnicking, beach trips and more. It’s made of durable ripstop nylon, so it’s easy to clean and fairly waterproof. And it folds out to a large 44″ x 28″ blanket. Don’t go out on your next adventure without one.

Nobody wants the worst to happen. But if it does, it’s best to be prepared. This survival kit has the essentials if things go sour. The eight-piece kit includes a lightweight ripstop nylon bag with waterproof zipper, a Mini-Paraframe knife, an emergency whistle, a fire starter, waterproof matches, a snare wire, an emergency cord, and cotton ball fire tinder.

Everybody needs a good cooler, even if you aren’t a huge camper. It’s cookout ! Pick up this TOURIT cooler if you’re looking to swing for the fences. It’s a fairly lightweight soft pack with consistent and effective insulation. Plus, it’s leak-proof, so your trunk isn’t going to get soiled on the way back from the coast. It’s less than half the cost of a comparable Yeti cooler but just as effective.

This thing is incredible. A straw-like contraption that filters out harmful bacteria in rivers and springs without having to use iodine or other harmful chemicals. With no shelf life, it can be stored indefinitely, or until you open it up and sip the 264 gallons (!) it’s good for. It will also lighten your load from here on out. Right now you can save $ off the normal price.

This one is for the backpackers. Perfectly portable and way more convenient that a canister of propane, a rollable grill is a game changer. This one from Bison is sweet. Setup takes less than a minute and includes chained stake stands that post into the ground. Adjust the height for a different cooking temp, enjoy the ease of the non-stick coating, then roll it up and you’re on your way.

Again, even if you aren’t a camper, you should consider a hammock. Nodding off for an afternoon nap in a hammock is my activity. This portable double-wide hammock (10′ long by 6′ 6″ wide) also allows you to cuddle up with your boo, and can double as a picnic blanket if you’re not trying to hang around. Comes with everything you need: strong carabiners, rope, and 10′ tree straps. And at $16, the price can’t be beat.

Did I miss a particularly good gadget you swear by? Let me know in the comments.

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