Art is, of course, always going to be subjective, and that certainly extends to kinetic art pieces and electronics sculptures. Tastes are going to vary from person to person. But, I think we can all agree that YouTuber Unexpected Maker’s Laser Stem RGB Matrix is strikingly beautiful.

This desktop electronics sculpture is comprised of an array of 64 clear, square acrylic rods protruding from a black base. Underneath those rods is an 815;8 of individually-addressable, NeoPixel-style, RGB LEDs. Those LEDs light up in various patterns that diffuse through the rods, creating a transfixing 3D rainbow effect. The patterns and colors can also be changed to produce a range of different effects.

Unexpected Maker selected a Wemos D1 Mini to run the show, giving him the ability to change light patterns over WiFi. The acrylic rods and top plates of the base are cut, and the bottom of the base was designed in Autodesk Fusion 360 and then 3D-printed. It may be a relatively simple build, but this Laser Stem RGB Matrix project was executed brilliantly.

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