I am making a for fun and wanted to get out of my comfort zone by doing vast majority of views through only. I am at the point where would be the only way to learn at the pace I have always had.

So far, going all programatically is going good as far as speed of development, less 30+ second build times (although I think this might just be Apple fixing the Xcode compiler), less unpredictability if done right, and it just feels nice for some reason. I am however running into problems like an element won’t show up, even though the contestants seem to match, some stuff won’t even show up at all and get’s swallowed by a top element even though the bottom constraint is set to the top anchor of the element it’s swallowing, etc… This isn’t really a post on help for debugging the code I have, but more of a general tips that are normally overlooked by people new to doing this kind of style.

What are some useful tips that you would to when doing views through % code? Also what are some common mistakes done when doing views through % code?

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