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I’m posting with an anonymous account for obvious reasons.

We recently got approached for an acquisition. We are in an interesting spot because we’ve had a good year of growth and will do a couple million in revenue next year at a relatively high margin (if we don’t raise an investment). Myself and my other partners own 95% of the company and were thinking about running this as a lifestyle businesses making ~$0k a month or raising VC money to scale this to a decently large company.

We are young, this is our first company, and we see a MUCH bigger play in our industry that no one is doing. This is why an exit looks pretty appealing.

So a couple questions… Has anyone used and M&A broker for an acquisition? What are the pros and cons? What is a fair cut that they should take out of the deal?

Would also like to hear any experience from anyone who has gone through a merger or acquisition.


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