I’ve not used HBase, but I am using other Big technologies, and have used many other technologies as part of R&D.

My very first step when looking at a new technology is to figure out how to install it, usually this means setting up a VM on my local machine and following some kind of install guide. I would then think about how I’d need to use the system. How am I going to get data into it? How am I going to get data back out? If I’m feeling adventurous I might even put a API infront of it.

In terms of material, there’s likely someone who can dig up something from personal experience, but I usually do some googling and pick the first few links: – This guide thinks you can install a standalone node and not even need to install Hadoop, java version is a bit old though, so the guide likely is, but it doesn’t look like a bad start. You might find that a lot of guides reference Hadoop though, so you may need to look there too. – This looks like it has a reasonable start point for interacting with HBase.

Like I said before, I’ve not used HBase yet, but I hope the above helps.

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