- linkedin 640x361 - LinkedIn Introduces QR Codes To Make Connecting EasierWhile Facebook might be the de facto social network, there are many who turn to when they want to keep their social media separate from each other, keeping personal and professional on different platforms. Now if you are an avid user, you might be interested with some of the updates that they have released.

One of the new features that LinkedIn will be introducing to its platform comes in the form of QR codes. aren’t new but what they will do is let users connect with each other quickly. According to LinkedIn, “The next you’re at an industry event and meet someone that you want to keep chatting with, open the LinkedIn and scan their QR code to connect and stay in touch. Gone are the days of requesting a business card, asking the person to spell their name, or handing over your phone to make sure you found their profile.”

This is a feature that many other apps already use, such as LINE where users can add new contacts just by scanning the code. We’re not sure what took LinkedIn so long to get this feature on its platform, but we suppose better late than never. In addition to QR codes, LinkedIn has also introduced a new translation feature which lets users translate posts written in another language.

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