2019 02 19 ole swift mind map  - 2019 02 19 ole swift mind map 8aeed007 - Updating Advanced Swift

— Ole Begemann’s notes mind map, July 2018.

As some of you may have noticed, we recently started working on a fourth edition of our book, Advanced Swift. Many of you have been asking, and we’re glad to make it official.

Swift 5.0 brings some important improvements, and there are many things we’d like to update. We’ll be adding some new chapters too, covering bigger . We also have a little experiment planned… more on that soon!

For those new to Swift, the book ranges from low-level programming, such as string internals and wrapping a C library, to high-level abstractions, such as programming with generics and protocols. If you’ve read Apple’s The Swift Programming Language and want to dig deeper, this book is for you.

The update will be free for everyone who has already purchased the Ebook.

Enjoy! 😊

Ole, Florian and Chris

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